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Manotsuru Sake Selections

Under the brand Manotsuru, Obata Shuzo is producing clean, flavorful sake that is a mirror reflection of the unique terroir of Sado Island, off the Northwest coast of Honshu, in Niigata Prefecture. The blend of pristine, soft water resources and locally grown sake rice is creating truly refined and tasteful sake. The irrigation water for the rice growing is of equal excellent quality. Because the water is incredibly soft it is filtered with a system of Oyster shells to gain added minerals and nutrients before reaching the rice paddies.
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manotsuru junmai ginjo sake

Manotsuru "Toki no Karasu" Junmai Ginjo

360,00 kr
manotsuru dry junmai sake

Manotsuru Karakuchi Junmai

230,00 kr
manotsuru dry ginjo sake

Manotsuru Karakuchi Ginjo

320,00 kr