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Friday, 2-5pm & Wednesday 3-5pm, or by appointment

Friday, 2-5pm & Wednesday 3-5pm, or by appointment

Tatenokawa Shuzo, Yamagata


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純米大吟釀 清流

Phoenix represents a standing homage to one of the pioneers of sake introduction to Europe, Masahiro Kuroda. The gesture by Tatenokawa has produced a sake with a distinct contemporary feel. It can easily be sipped without food, and being low on alcohol it will also appeal to those who usually dont drink.

On the palate expect gently balanced ripe fruit flavors overlapping with a subtle, but refreshing minerality. The aroma is enticing, with pronounced warm scents, best brought out served in a wine glass. 

Serve it chilled at 15 or 18 degrees, perfect for a light aperitif or as a low alcohol lunch sake 

  • Content: 720ml
  • ABV: 14%
  • Polishing Rate: 50%
  • Rice Strain: 100% Dewasansan
  • Yeast Strain:  -

Brewery: Tatenokawa Shuzo, Yamagata Prefecture