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Fine Nigori with Brie from Møn


We are often asked what food we would serve with our Usu Nigori from Tatenokawa. Actually, the options are many, whether you choose a simple snack or a more complex dish. We will be sharing more serving suggestions over the next week. The first is among our big favorites, where mild and lively fermented
tastes in this Brie, becomes dynamic with the grapefruit-like acidity of the Nigori. Both sake and cheese, share creamy elements, mineral notes and Umami.
For the pairing to work optimally, the Nigori must be quite cold in the glass, so that the acidity is highlighted, which provides the right counterpunch to the cheese's latent creaminess.

Fantastic pairing, Brie cheese and Nigori sake
Nigori sake should be servered cold
Exceptional Brie from Hårbølle dairy farm in Møn