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Fried mackerel with Kimoto Tokubetsu Honjozo

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For oily dishes, we often look to our special Honjozo, for purity and alcohol clarity. We have had great success in supplying this delicious sake to Ramen to Birru in Copenhagen, for several years. When distilled "brewers alcohol" is added in the Kimoto brewing process, it creates something interesting and rare, as in this case. Honjozo. There is purity with fine notes, but there is also a great, uplifting acidity present in the taste. One sip after the next, the taste just keeps opening up. Just as one would expect from a premium pairing sake.

The mackerel was marinated overnight in Tamari, sake, mirin with freshly grated ginger. Next, the mackerel pieces were lightly dusted with buckwheat flour, giving it the dark color. The buckwheat flour becomes very aromatic when the mackerel pieces hit the oil, adding another layer to this warming, comfort dish.

The small, green leeks are low in acidity, the taste is reminiscent of Japanese Negi. 





Fatty mackerel, a complete match with Honjozo sake