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Junmai Ginjo with smoked sprats


Baltic sprat from the Danish producer Fangst has been something of a revelation for us. Especially at sake tastings, where the preparation time is very costly, the little golden fish has been a wish come true. Our goal in selling canned seafood is to be able to offer a home pairing experience with sake similar to our live tastings, which is always based on precise food pairing.

Expect a wider selection of premium canned fish "otsumami" in the webshop. All new types of food are among our own favorite local delicacies in Copenhagen.

The sprats are smoked before canning. They have a wonderfully dense, fleshy texture and delicious creamy aftertaste. We often serve them with medium dry sake, warmed or chilled. Junmai Ginjo from Sohomare is a dream pairing with the golden sprats.

Korean serving plate, Joseon Dynasty

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