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Kimoto Tokubetsu Honjozo with garnished Potato Smørrebrød

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One of our favorites along with the clear and spicy tones in Kimoto Tokubetsu Honjozo from Sohomare. The composition of the smørrebrød (open sandwich) is always a very personal affair which reflects, a certain craving and also what you have at hand !. Our ideal version of this classic, uses steamed new potatoes. White tahini on the pumpkin rye bread from Reinh van Hauen. Mayonnaise, topped with watercress and freshly made Katsuobushi shavings. The oily, creamy flavors are beautifully complemented by the clear purity of Kimoto Tokubetsu Honjozo, while fresh, mineral scents from the glass speak well to the aromatic, smoky bonito shavings.

 Oribe dish Norikazu Oe

potato sandwich matches perfectly to Honjozo sake