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Soba-otto with fresh katsuobushi shavings, accompanied by chilled Junmai Ginjo Gohyakumangoku from Sohomare.


This lovely and versatile food sake, responds instantly to certain aminoacid counterparts. This would also be our clear go-to sake for raw oysters, cherry tomatoes or steamed artichoke leaves. Ironically perhaps, we also suggest this sake for beginners, as it is mellow, sweetly well-rounded with a nose of ocean breeze. Behind the simplistic style, are layers of flavor that we cant fully explain from the brewing parameters. The essential thing here, is that this Junmai Ginjo is extremely delicious. It will brighten the darkest day. The Soba-otto was partially lifted from a recipe by the celebrated Kyoto chef Kunio Tokuoka for "pure risotto”. The quality of the dashi is key here. Made from scratch with with spring water, fresh Katsoubushi shavings and good Kombu seaweed. Wild garlic was added at the very end..

buckwheat otto with junmai ginjo
sohomare junmai ginjo