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Green Tea Lineup

We are fortunate and excited to present a selection of premium green teas by a celebrated, artisanal tea producer from Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu.The Nishi family tea fields at Makizono are located at an altitude of 450m above sea level. On these high-land slopes they enjoy climatical benefits, such as descending mountain fog at dawn and intense sun light during the day
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Økologisk håndplukket Sencha

Organic Tezumi Sencha - Hand picked

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

155,00 kr
Økologisk gyokuro

Organic Saemidori Gyokuro

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

130,00 kr
Økologisk kukicha

Organic Kukicha - Yama no Hinata

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

85,00 kr
Økologisk Genmaicha

Organic Genmaicha - 1st flush Yabukita

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

95,00 kr
Forårs Bancha

Organic Haru (Spring) Bancha

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

75,00 kr
Asatsyu Sencha

Organic Asatsuyu Sencha

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

75,00 kr
Økologisk Yorokobi Sencha

Organic Yorokobi Sencha

Nishi Seicha, Kirishima

75,00 kr