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Kojima Sohonten (Toko)

Originating in the Momoyama period as a supplier to the Uesugi clan, Toko is one of Japan's oldest active sake breweries. Their elegant sake is the expression of Yonezawa's ideal sake terroir, with spring water from nearby mountains and local rice fields in the valley, near the brewery. It is the same fantastic spring water quality that is used for both rice cultivation and sake production at Toko. More info about the brewery in our profile here: Kojima Sohonten (Toko)

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Prisvindende umeshu fra Toko sake bryggeri

Toko Ginjo Umeshu


329,00 kr
Alkoholfri ume soda, alternativ til sake Out of stock

Toko Ume Cider

Kojima Sohonten (Toko)

49,00 kr