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Sake Ceramics

A small and precise selection of artisanal made drinking accessories to elevate your sake enjoyment, and widen the context of sake beyond a gourmet product. Although we put a lot of energy and time into the presentation of these objects, the images cannot fully transmit the beauty of these ceramic artworks. We also want to present the notion that these objects are highly personal for the sake lover and as much an object of affection, as it is a nice drinking cup or vessel.
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wide sake cup made with bizen clay Out of stock

Hira Sake Cup

Kaitaro Kojima

320,00 kr
mashiko sake cup Out of stock

Mashiko Sake Cup

Hajime Katori

380,00 kr
large bizen sake cup

Magnum sake kop

Takeshi Inoue

410,00 kr
bizen sake cup Out of stock

Bizen sake kop

Kita Sake

310,00 kr
brown sake cup

Sake kop af den prominente keramiker Seiichi Nikai

Seiichi Nakai

360,00 kr
seto sake cup

Hvid, Seto sake kop

Kita Sake

330,00 kr
sake cup - kita sake Out of stock

Agano Hira-Sakazuki (open-faced sake cup)

Shinzui-Gama Kiln

750,00 kr
Agano sake kop

Agano Sakazuki (sake cup)

Takahisa Watari XI

650,00 kr
sake cup Out of stock

Kasama, Youhen-style Sakazuki (sake cup)

Kita Sake

260,00 kr
Out of stock

Hagi Sakazuki (sake cup)

Kita Sake

330,00 kr
Hagi sake cup - kita sake Out of stock

Oni Hagi Sakazuki (sake cup)

Kita Sake

360,00 kr