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Shinzui-Gama Kiln

Agano Hira-Sakazuki (open-faced sake cup)

750,00 kr
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Open faced sake cup (Hira Sakazuki) by the famous Shinzui Nakamura from the Nakamura Shinzui-Gama Kiln in Fukuoka, Kyusu. Made in the ostentatious Agano style, its light amber glaze with texture reminiscence of deep sea crustaceans. The base of the cup is delicately made with a subtle reference to a bamboo node. The wide mouth of the cup will enhance the acidity in the sake, in a lovely way.

Vintage piece in mint condition, accompanied by its original, signed kiribako (storage box) and potters resume.


  • H 4cm x W 7.5cm
  • Weight, 140 g