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Takahisa Watari XI

Agano Sakazuki (sake cup)

650,00 kr
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Big bodied sake cup by Takahisa Watari (1929 - 2014), 11th generation. Made in the Agano style, it is a sake cup that speaks volumes when held in the hand. The glaze of the piece is in line with the original source inspiration for Agano ware, that of Chinese Ame-yu glazes and refined Tianmu teabowls. Particularly the cups interior presents a striking view that brings to mind exquisite Tianmu glazes of the song period. Beneath the animated glaze of the cup, is beautiful iron rich clay of very high quality. Seen peaking out from the side of the cup, barely evasive of the glaze is the potters stamp. The cup will add a luxurious feel to the sake drinking experience, true to the history of the Agano region which was famous for making prized ceramics for the tea ceremony in the 1600th century. Even today ceramic production there is on a small scale, with emphasis on refined quality.

Vintage piece in mint condition, most likely the cup was never used. Accompanied by its original, signed Kiribako (storage box) and potters resume. 


  • H 5.3 cm x W 7 cm 
  • Weight, 70 g