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Jægersborggade 45, 2200 København N

Tue-Fri, 11am - 6pm & Sat, 11am - 4pm


Toko Ginjo Umeshu

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梅酒 光 吟 醸 梅酒

It is with tremendous excitement that we can offer this unique Umeshu from Kojima Sohonten. Made as "Kasutori" Umeshu, the brewery first produced a distillate of Kasu (fermented rice material) from Junmai Ginjo sake. This results in a fine Ginjo Shochu to which are added green, unripe Ume plums and rock sugar. Premium Nanko Ume plums are sourced from Fukui. The viscous Ginjo Umeshu has a very inviting aroma of daikon, pear and apricot kernel. The taste is equally friendly, in which a floral, nectar sweetness forms the first layer. The complex taste contains recognizable notes of peach and marzipan, but also a reminiscence of something more indistinct, like cold steel, or just mineral purity. It is a finely balanced taste where you also sense a some tannins from the unripe plums. Expect an enjoyment and sensory impressions that are incomparable to the taste of standard Umeshu. 

Major National Plum Sake Competition: Triple Crown
Tenma Tenjin Plum Sake Competition 2012 Champion
Mito Plum Festival Plum Wine Competition 2014 spirits based plum sake category: Gold Award Japan Domestic Plum Sake Tasting Competitions standard category: Champion

Serving suggestions: Ginjo Umeshu goes great with mild, creamy cheeses like brie, fruity chevre, or sour berries, like currants and gooseberries.

Drinking temperature: Directly from the fridge! (on the rocks in summer).

  • Content: 500ml
  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Umeshu type: Ginjo Kasutori (Shochu based)
  • Umesort: Nanko
  • Brewery: Kojima Sohonten, Yamagata Prefecture