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Friday & Wednesday 2-5pm, or by appointment

Friday & Wednesday 2-5pm, or by appointment

Private tastings

sake tasting at sohomare sake brewery


We offer unique and intimate private sake tastings all year round. The format is based on pairing sake with food, to show the dynamic relationship between sake and food. The food is small Otsumami (snacks) aimed to support the sake and to slightly change its taste with our precise and experienced pairing match.

Our tastings are social events as much as gourmet gatherings. This is one more aspect to the magic of sake, that we want to show. Sake makes people happy and feel relaxed, often referred to as Sake joy

No sake tasting is the same. Flexible menu planning for every tasting is offered, so that we reach the desired level for both sake quantity, price and sake introduction.


See below for a past pairing menu.

Contact us for booking and all other inquires.

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Palate Cleanser

Cold brewed Gyokuro - Kagoshima


Sohomare Junmai 70 Nama Genshu (unpasteurised, undiluted) - Tochigi

Smoked Cod Roe


Sohomare Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai Autumn - Tochigi              

Fermented radishes with Katsoubushi                                                      


Junmai Daiginjo Usu Nigori (unfiltered, unpasteurised) - Yamagata

Red currant



Hosted by


Jakob Emdal,

Kita Sake founder